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Filipe´s new blog

terça-feira, agosto 15, 2006
There is a new blog: Westerpart

My new life in the Wild Western Part of Europe.
God, i miss Amesterdam and my friends!!!!

Last post

domingo, agosto 13, 2006

This blog ends here!
Two years after my experience in Amsterdam I will never be the same.

I would like to say thanks to so many people, that i could forget someone, instead i only will say thanks to R., D. and E. (they know who they are!!!).

Thank you Holland, Thank you Amsterdam.

I will start a blog about my life in the Western Part of Europe soon. I will put the the link here.

Dank jullie wel.
Dank je wel, Nederland.
Dank je wel Amsterdam, ik hou echt van jou!
Het was gezelig!

Last day!

Dammes en Heren, vandag is mijn laaste dag als Amsterdammer! En, ik voel me niet zo lekker!!!!

Kut Weer!!!

sexta-feira, agosto 11, 2006

The weather in Amsterdam, today!!! Sometimes i wonder how can i love this land soooooo much....Maybe I'm Crazy!

No café

quinta-feira, agosto 10, 2006
Finalmente tive o tempo necessário para pegar no computador e vir beber um café naquele que é o meu café preferido de Amesterdão. Estranho que, com tantos cafés bonitos nesta cidade, tinha que me afeiçoar logo a uma rede de franchising que é igual em mais locais da cidade. Mas este é o meu local, e é único, e esta é a minha rua, aqui na minha cidade.

Finalmente fi-lo, finalmente estou a beber o melhor café da cidade, e com uma das melhores vistas, para o dia-a-dia de Amesterdão, no seu melhor, na Haarlemdijk.

Il Caimano

Nicely hosted by Eefje and Lieza, and after a Kip Saté in the Orangerie, i went yesterday to The Movies to watch "Il Caimano" from Nanni Moretti. What a film!!!.Really good.

Different stories in the same movie. A political story and a love story. It's a must see! It's worthy. There is one scene that is a master piece... you will notice what i'm writing about, and two other scenes, with the couple in their cars, and when he throws a chair to the floor....Moretti in his best.

Grazie Mille, Signore Moretti!!!

quarta-feira, agosto 09, 2006
Last days in the house with a view...

2 Sony Cybershot!!!!

segunda-feira, agosto 07, 2006
Como previ, acabei de receber uma segunda camera digital no meu ex-trabalho. Os senhores da Pixmania sao (nao tenho tils neste comp.) mesmo organizados!!!!. Mas, claro, como eles tem o meu numero de Visa, vou devolver a coisa.

Que organizacao, ainda falam mal dos Tugas....

Volvér a casa (Lisboa or Amsterdam)

Today after i saw the Almodovar´s movie, "Volvér", i felt like someone gave me a punch in the stomach. I was officially sad about my return to Lisbon. Beeing in a different city, in Berlin, you start to understand what you are going to miss, and where you belong. Amsterdam is on my mind all the time, and some of you know why, among other things, off course. I was, am, and will be tottally in love with my Amsterdam.

Sure that i will have a nice live in Lisboa, it´s a great city, beautiful, and i can do a lot of things there with my family and friends. But Amsterdam was never only about the persons who live there, was about the city, and the way that each place talked to me.

I´m in love for Amsterdam for more than 10 years*...

*it makes exactly 10 years, in August of 1996, that i visited the city for the first time, and i felt in love for the environment, the persons (more the girls, i have to say), and the gezeligheid from the city.


After the big trip around the city by bike, and listening to music on my headphones, i went to see "Volvér" de Almódovar, what a film!!! I´m still recovering from the experience. Almodovar on his best. Then, i spicy meal in a Indochina (Vietnam) Restaurant. Tomorrow, last shopping, and "Volvér a casa..."


domingo, agosto 06, 2006
Touristic tour in Berlin. After a nice brunch, in the Berlin way, i went to see an exhibition about Helmut Newton and his work. Amazing. Then i went to see some famous landmarks - full of tourists.


The night end up in the Watergate Club. Two floors, several dj´s, nice view to the Spree river. A lot of people, gay, straight, etc. It was nice.

note: German people, at least in Berlin, are smaler then the dutch, specially the girls.Yesterday the tallest girl in the Watergate club was...dutch, natuurlijk!


A show room from Apple and Nike, to present the new product of both brands. A store just to show, not to sell, near the place where the art galleries are. Emotional "pretend to be cultural" marketing on is top. Smart guys.


sábado, agosto 05, 2006
Shopping day.

Believe it or not this is part of the Puma Store in Berlin:

Berlin #2 (party people)

The Kubik party. I went to this underground (somewhere near the Spree docks)open air party with House, Deep House music. Really nice. Cheap Beer, nice environment, cool people, and a cool idea for a party that can be done elsewhere. A good idea for Lisbon or Amsterdam.

The invitation:

Photo with real light:

With flash:

Berlin #2

Eating in Berlin is really cheap, comparing to Amsterdam or even with Lisbon. Amazing. Yesterday i went to a sushi franshising Papa Nói (inspired in the japonese Nói Theater Company), and we pay for 2 meals of sushi, that was enough for three persons, something like 13 euro. Beer included. Berlin ist zuper!


sexta-feira, agosto 04, 2006
Berlin´s Soviet Heritage


Just for the record: i touched the Berlin wall! (with a Trabant)

Berlin #2

My friend Karl.

Dutch are always on my mind....; )

Signs in the street to remmember the jewish that where depported to concentration camps, and that they used to live in these streets. Bad things shouldn´t be forgotten at all!

Day #1

Jewish Monument for the dead in the II World War

One of the Berlin´s Dom

Berlin, day #1

The cool, trendy trashy, defenitly not chic (thank God) Berlin.

quarta-feira, agosto 02, 2006

last days in A'dam pictures...

Algumas fotos dos últimos dias em Amesterdão....